This article will look at growing interest in corn-based bakery product

British Baker Insight Feature

  • Publication date: 2 February 2018
  • Editorial submissions deadline: 5 January 2018
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Many supermarket ranges now include a corn bread product, Roberts included a corn roll in a recent brand relaunch, and ingredients suppliers including Puratos and Ireks supply corn bread mixes.

Key topics for this feature will include:

  • How big is the opportunity for corn-based bakery products at retail?
  • How are products such as US-style corn bread being adapted to UK tastes?
  • Is there are an opportunity to grow consumer interest in corn-based wraps and flatbreads
  • From a technical perspective, what are the key challenges for bakers planning to produce corn-based goods
  • How can corn-based goods be marketed to the public?

Other topics to be covered by this feature are:

Indian flours

This article will look at products produced using Indian-style flours such as gram and specialist chapatti flours. How is this marketing developing, and what trends are shaping further NPD in this market?

Organic bread

Organic bakery has failed to find a large audience in the UK – particularly compared with the US. Why is this, and is there an opportunity to attract attention with organic breads?