At mainstream retail, at least, the thins market is in decline despite major investment over recent years by manufacturers.

This article will look at what’s happening and how the decline can be reversed. Are thins faring better in the foodservice market?

It will also look at the decline of thins in the US and how this has been addressed there.

What opportunities are there for new product development in the thins market?

This feature will also look at:

 Non-wheat wraps

Exploring the development on non-wheat wraps including those made with chickpea flour, and raw wraps. Does such development pose a threat to the traditional wraps market? With consumers interested in provenance and traditional products, is there an opportunity to grow the corn flour wraps market?

 Return of the pocket

Kingsmill has reintroduced the ‘pocket’ bread format with the launch of its new Toasties product. Is there an opportunity to reinvent the pitta bread in a similar manner?

  • Publication date: 7 June 2017
  • Editorial submissions deadline: 1 May 2017
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