Strawberry tart on a mint green background

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Publication date: April/May

Editorial submissions date: 9 April

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Spring is upon us and the nation’s bakers are getting creative.

We’ve seen a host of innovative flavours find their way into hot cross buns which leads to the question: which flavours will be big in other baked goods this spring and summer? This feature will find out!

Key questions this feature will explore:

  • What flavours, both sweet and savoury, will be big in baked goods over spring and summer?
  • What are the driving forces behind this? What trends do they tap into?
  • What formats are we likely to see these flavours appear in? I.e. Doughnuts, barbecue buns, cupcakes, patisserie and more.
  • How will this vary between large manufacturers and craft bakers?
  • How should bakers and product developers incorporate these flavours into NPD? What challenges might they come up against when doing so and how can these be overcome?