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  • Publication date: 28 September 2020
  • Editorial submissions deadline: 28 August 2020
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What’s next for hybrid bakery?

The cronut crashed onto the scene in 2013 courtesy of Dominique Ansel. Since then, some unusual creations have followed. These include the cruffin (croissant/muffin), cretzel (croissant/pretzel), macaringue (macaron/meringue) and two different types of brookie.

This feature will chart the development of the hybrid bakery scene from the cronut to the present day, looking at the successes and failures along the way. Why have some hybrid bakery items succeeded where others have failed? How would a bakery or supplier go about creating a hybrid treat from initial idea through to launch? What is happening outside of the UK?

Key questions to be addressed by the feature:

  • How successful have hybrid bakery items been for their creators?
  • What impact does combining bakery products have on the baking process? Are there any technical challenges that need to be overcome?
  • What’s next for hybrid bakery? Which new combinations could prove a hit with customers?
  • Are there any combinations that won’t work? Why?