Sourdough loaves

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  • Publication date: 8 November 2021
  • Editorial submissions deadline: 7 October 2021
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How are the nation’s biggest bakers tapping into the sourdough trend? This feature will find out.

From own label sourdough loaves to branded offerings, this article will look at the types of products available, how ranges have developed in recent years and what methods are being employed to create the sourdough products – long fermentation, sourdough flavourings and so on.

Key questions this feature will ask:

  • How has consumer demand for sourdough products changed in recent years?
  • How are some of the UK’s larger bakery manufacturers tapping into the sourdough trend?
  • Which products have been added to ranges in recent years?
  • Which production methods are being employed to produce the sourdough loaves?
  • How are ingredients suppliers tapping into this?
  • Which types of sourdough do they believe to be most popular?
  • What are the challenges of replicating artisan-style sourdough production at scale?

The feature will also include box outs on gluten-free sourdough, sourdough NPD and ask the question ‘do consumers really understand sourdough’.