A mum and dad have thanked staff at the Village Bakery who helped deliver their baby.

Dad Matt Cooke was driving pregnant partner Margaret ‘Mogs’ Edwards from their home to hospital this month when her waters broke and she realised she was going to give birth at the entrance to the Village Bakery in Minera, near Wrexham.

Staff from the bakery rushed to help the couple, including hygiene operative Michele Taylor Jones and technical assistant Jeanette Owens,

“They were fantastic,” said Cooke, who had delivered the baby – since named Tao – by the time Taylor Jones and Owens got to their camper van.

“Having Michele and Jeanette there was like having my mum with me,” added Edwards. “You need support at a time like this. I’ll never be able to thank them enough. I felt really safe and secure after they arrived on the scene.”

Taylor Jones explained that she and Owens were on a break when they rushed to help the couple.

“But when I got to the vehicle, mum was in the front passenger seat holding a new-born baby,” said Taylor Jones, a trained first aider. “I have three children of my own and never cried with any of them, but I was bawling over Tao’s birth. And Tao wasn’t shy about crying himself!

“I asked Mogs if I could hold the baby and checked his airways to make sure they were clear.”

The Village Bakery has given the couple a ‘goodie’ package, including loaves of bread, crumpets and the company’s Welsh cakes.

Village Bakery managing director Robin Jones said he was proud of his staff: “They are brilliant bakers, but they are also brilliant people. They are Village People.”

The company is one of the finalists in this year’s Baking Industry Awards. For the full list see here.