Finsbury Food Group foodservice brand Kara has launched a Gourmet sliced chicken bun as part of its developing brioche range.

The company described the bun as an ‘oval carrier’ that offers premium visual, taste and texture.

It added that the oval shape allows chicken burgers not to be lost in a standard round bun, while being visually appealing with its glazed top and finished with sesame seeds.

Jane Deegan, marketing manager for Kara, said the launch of the chicken bun has come at a great time.

“The new addition to the Gourmet range allows for out-of-home vendors to capitalise on this growing market,” she said.

“With burgers and bread carriers accounting for 39% of dishes, and burgers continuing to show growth, the new Kara gourmet chicken bun allows for vendors to stand out from competition by offering a high-quality gourmet bun.”

In December 2016, Kara expanded its Genius gluten-free foodservice offering, which included pancakes, wheat-free crumpets and English muffins.