Greggs' new Vegan Mexican Chicken-Free Bake in a paper takeaway bag held by a female hand.

Source: Greggs

Vegan Mexican Chicken-Free Bake

Greggs has expanded its line-up with two new items, including a Vegan Mexican Chicken-Free Bake.

Available for a limited time only in stores nationwide, the Vegan Mexican Chicken-Free Bake (from £1.90) is made with This vegan meat alternative. The bakes are also filled with mixed vegetables and Mexican-style tomato sauce in a pastry case, topped with cheese-flavour crumb.

Other items in the Greggs vegan line-up include a Vegan Chicken-Free Cajun Roll and a Vegan Southern Fried Chicken-Free Baguette, which were unveiled in Veganuary this year, alongside the Vegan Sausage, Bean & Cheeze Melt and Glazed Ring Doughnut. 

The savoury NPD is the latest addition to the brand’s popular vegan range, which includes its iconic Vegan Sausage Roll that made its debut in 2019. The Quorn-filled product was a driving factor behind the 58% rise in profit posted by the business for the first half of that year and contributed to a year-on-year 13.5% sales increase.

This trend has continued as the firm said in its trading update for the fourth quarter of 2022, which showed sales had soared by 23% to £1,513m, that seasonal lines, including the Vegan Festive Baker, were in ‘strong demand’. Greggs Raspberry Muffin on a white background

Source: Greggs

Greggs has also bolstered its sweet menu with a new Raspberry Muffin (from £1.25) which features a soft sponge with raspberry-flavoured pieces and a raspberry-flavoured centre. ‘Muffins really are up there with the elite sweet treats’, proclaimed the company, adding that its soft spongey creations are ‘in a league of their own’.

The new items can also be ordered via Click + Collect through the Greggs App or website and are available for delivery exclusively via Just Eat.