Maid of Gingerbread has debuted fortune cookies filled with positive messages. 

Founder and head baker Emily Garland came up with the idea to help make other people smile.

The East London baker, who is known for creating bespoke 3D gingerbread sculptures, has launched four collections: Thinking of You, Encouragement, Congratulations and You’re The Best, starting from £22 per box.

Uplifting words including ‘You’re not alone’, ‘words don’t help but cookies do’, ‘you’re smashing it’ and ‘mate, you’re great’ are among those contained within the buttery, handcrafted creations, and customers can pen their own slogans too.

Bespoke branded fortune favours for corporate events, as well as wedding favours, are also available.

The bakery items are made from egg white, golden caster sugar, plain flour, vanilla and unsalted butter.

Garland said the ability to make people smile was the main drive behind her baking and described fortune cookies as “playful pockets of edible fun”.

“Over and above making me happy, I love that they can make other people happy too,” she said.

“It’s safe to say that the world is awfully depressing at the minute, and people relish little bits of positivity in their lives now more than ever. Opening a fortune cookie gives you the same lovely mini buzz that you get from opening a gift, with the added bonus of the message being something supportive and empowering in a time of need.”

The fortune cookies, which are being sold on Maid of Gingerbread’s online shop, cost £22 and £38 for boxes of eight and 16 respectively.