The Yorkshire pudding filled with slow-cooked beef is being called a British burrito by its gastropub inventor, Long Can Hall in Halifax.

The Yorkshire pudding wraps, or British burritos, as they are named, come filled with either roast chicken, pulled pork and pork scratchings, or melted goat’s cheese with slow-roasted peppers.

The British burrito will set you back £8.95, and comes served with coleslaw and homemade chips.

James Dempsey, restaurant director at the Yorkshire gastropub, said the idea for the British burrito came about as an increasing number of diners were ordering sandwiches on Sundays in place of a traditional roast lunch.

He said: “After careful consideration, when creating my next menu, I had an idea to incorporate a traditional Sunday roast into a sandwich form. From there, the British burrito was born.”

The dish is created by cooking a large Yorkshire pudding and flattening it with a rolling pin. The beef is slow-roasted for nine hours and then allowed to cool for 24 hours, before it is added to the wrap.