Christmas pudding maker Matthew Walker is launching two new fruit puddings with a twist this year, the Golden Mulled Plum & Port Christmas Pudding, and the Guinness Fruit Pudding. 

Inspired by the trend for mixing alcohol into the cooking process, the puddings are infused with port and Guinness respectively.

The Golden Mulled Plum & Port Christmas Pudding also has hand-applied, edible golden lustre, which the company said is sure steal the show at dinner tables countrywide.

Created with juicy sultanas, Californian raisins, Greek currants, Thatcher’s Cider and a hidden plum and ruby port sauce, the Mulled Plum & Port pudding is presented in a unique hat box and serves eight people.

It can be microwaved in just over five minutes (depending on microwave wattage) for a quick and impressive dessert solution, or cooked via the traditional method in a steamer for two hours.

Sarah Gibbon, senior category manager at Derbyshire-based Matthew Walker, said the use of spirits and other alcohol is of course not a new concept at Matthew Walker, but the use of non-traditional ingredients such as Guinness and ruby port has taken the company in a different direction. 

“Over the past few years we have seen a real shift in the tastes consumers want from their beloved Christmas puddings – people are now leaning more towards the rich, deep flavours you get when you infuse puddings with different types of alcohol.”

Combining fruit and spices with a full, dark beer, the Guinness Fruit Pudding offers “a beautifully balanced and expertly blended moist pudding”, according to the company. It said it is packed with juicy vine fruits and glacé cherries alongside cider.

The 800g Mulled Plum & Port Christmas Pudding (RRP£8.99) is available exclusively from Costco, while the 454g Guinness Fruit Pudding (£4.99) is available from Ocado and Amazon stores.

In September Matthew Walker moved into the gluten-free market for the first time.