Meat snacking brand Peperami is targeting on-the-go consumers looking for a ‘bigger eat’ with the launch of sausage roll-style Peperami Pastry Rolls.

The rolls consist of the brand’s pork salami wrapped in puff pastry and are available in Asda with an rsp of £2.50 for a pack of 3x42g rolls. They can be eaten hot, by heating in an oven for five minutes, or cold straight from the pack.

Peperami said the rolls deliver a sizeable snacking option as well as an alternative to ‘sugar-laden’ snacks for both adults and kids. Each roll contains 218 calories, 16.6g of fat, 7.6g of which is saturated and 0.5g of sugar.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of Peperami Pastry Roll, providing shoppers with a bigger eat, delivering a great snacking option in an easy, on-the-go format,” said Pavan Chandra, marketing manager at Peperami.

“As sausage rolls are already a favourite amongst consumers, the new Peperami Pastry Rolls will look to capitalise on this by bringing innovation to the meat snacking category, delivering a familiar snack to consumers, while also helping to keep them fuller for longer.”