Food-label designer Planglow has launched a vegan sticker designed to help shoppers quickly identify meat- and dairy-free food on-the-go.

The green and white sticker features a leaf and the word ‘vegan’ – it comes in a roll of 1,000 semi-gloss stickers complete with dispenser box.

Despite the growth of veganism in recent years, the majority of vegans say they struggle to find food on-the-go, according to a survey by The Vegan Society. The research, which polled 2,500 UK vegans, prompted The Vegan Society to launch the Vegan on the Go campaign, aiming to bring attention to the growing market for vegan options.

“The Vegan Society has highlighted the demand for – and subsequent shortfall of – vegan grab-and-go options, with 91% of vegans stating that they struggle to find suitable meal and snack choices to-go,” said Planglow marketing director Rachael Sawtell.

“The most recent figures estimate that, during 2017, there were half a million-plus vegans, 1.2million vegetarians and 16.5million ‘flexitarians’ (individuals who reduced or limited their intake of meat) living in the UK, figures that are expected to further rise over the coming year.”

Dominika Piasecka, spokeswoman for The Vegan Society, told British Baker that those wishing to label their products vegan should come forward to them.

"The Vegan Society runs a Vegan Trademark scheme where we check ingredients of individual products and register them if they meet the requirements," Piasecka said. “It is fantastic that Planglow are supporting the ever-growing market for vegan grab-and-go lunch options by launching a new vegan sticker.

NPD in this arena is gaining pace with retailers such as Asda, Tesco and Waitrose expanding their offerings, while brands including Pieminister and Goodfella’s have launched vegan products for the first time.