United Biscuits is returning to the classic recipe for its McVitie’s Digestives, containing more saturated fat.

In a bid to give the biscuit its original “dunkability” craved by consumers, the change will be effective from February this year.

The McVitie’s Digestive biscuit recipe was changed in two stages in 2009 and 2010, removing sustainable palm oil and replacing it with the reduced saturated fat sunflower oil.

In a statement, the business said its decision to revert back to the classic recipe was “driven by the desire to deliver the best possible taste experience for consumers”.

Those consumers seeking a healthier biscuit option will still be able to purchase McVitie’s Digestive Light, which contains the same saturated fat content as the current McVitie’s Digestives recipe.

McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives are also unaffected, as this recipe has not changed.

In October last year, the government launched its Responsibility Deal Saturated Fat Reduction Pledge, to which United Biscuits did not sign up. The deal aims to cut thousands of tonnes of saturated fat out of the nation’s diet. 

Those who did join include: Burton’s Biscuits, Mondelez International, Morrisons, Nestlé, Sainsbury’s, Subway and Tesco.