Warrens Bakery has launched a range of lower-calorie baked goods including a signature Pie Thin. 

The Good Taste Range, which hit stores today (2 January), focuses on lower-calorie, great-tasting options, according to Warrens, with all bakes coming in under 400 calories.

Pie Thins, available in two flavours, are the signature items on the new menu. They use traditional pastry that has been rolled thinner to reduce the calories and also omit the crimp. The Balti Spiced Chicken & Spinach Pie Thin (318 calories each) is finished with a rustic crumb and filled with a chicken and spinach Balti while the vegetarian Spiced Veg Fusion Pie Thin (294 calories) is sprinkled with caraway seeds, then filled with vegetables and beans in a mild Balti sauce.

Sausage rolls have also been given a healthier makeover. Warrens Gourmet Pork Sausage Roll boasts 32.7g of protein and 338 calories, while the Gourmet Apple & Cider Pork Sausage Roll has 23g of protein and 371 calories.

Both are available as part of Warrens’ new ‘Under 500 Cal Meal Deal’. Customers can choose a Pie Thin, healthier sausage roll, or selected sandwich, plus a bottle of water and a Meringue Kiss, which are launching alongside the new bakes, for £4.

The Meringue Kisses are available in Raspberry & White Chocolate, Chocolate, and Black Cherry & Dark Chocolate and come in under 55 calories each.

“After what is often a month of excess during the festive season, we are delighted to be able to launch our new Good Taste Range, offering all of the taste but less of the calories,” said Warrens head baker Jason Jobling. “Made to still feel indulgent, we have made it even easier to pick up a healthier lunch option with our hearty and warming bakes that can be enjoyed on the go throughout the day.”

In 2016, Greggs launched a new Balanced Choice range, all of which are under 400 calories. Greggs has attributed some of its positive financial performance to the success of Balanced Choice, which includes sandwiches, soups, salads, juices, fruit and breakfast options.