Cherry filling in a piping bag being piped onto muffins

Source: Dawn Foods

Dawn’s Delifruit Xtra range

Things are looking peachy for fruit loving bakers and consumers as Dawn Foods and ITS both unveil a range of fruity ingredients.

Dawn Foods has expanded its range of ready-to-use fruit fillings with the addition of four Delifruit Xtra products, high in fruit content but with 30% less sugar and calories versus the market average.

Containing 80% fruit, the new Delifruit Xtra Fruit Fillings are available in strawberry, blueberry, and cherry as well as mango & passionfruit. The fillings are ideal for bakers who would like to reduce sugar in their products, whether to comply with HFSS legislation or simply to appeal to today’s more health-conscious consumer, according to Dawn Foods which highlighted its Bakery Trends Survey 2022 which showed half of UK consumers are looking to consume healthier sweet baked goods.

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The fillings deliver what Dawn described as an ‘intense, flavourful taste’, while the products’ reduced 30% sugar and calorie content have been achieved using natural sweeteners like Stevia. They are also bake, freeze and cut stable, as well as being both vegetarian and vegan-friendly, making them suitable for a range of applications, from pies, to topping desserts such as cheesecakes and filling patisserie products.

They sit within the Dawn Balance portfolio which includes a range of ‘better for you’ ingredients, including reduced sugar and fat cake mixes.

Fruity flavours

Flavour specialist ITS, meanwhile, said its new offering of natural fruit puree flavours can help manufacturers manage costs in the face of ‘difficult supply issues of fruit puree’.

Raspberries in a spoon next to a raspberry smoothie

Source: ITS

ITS Raspberry Puree Natural Flavour

The flavours are available in strawberry, raspberry, passionfruit, peach, apricot, banana, blackberry, and mango.

ITS said the range delivers an ‘intense flavour profile’ with a natural crushed fruit taste including many of the notes found in cooked fruit. The new flavours can work well on their own, but also alongside real fruit puree, it added, meaning manufacturers can cut down on the amount of fruit puree used and reduce the overall cost in use.

A combination of poor crops in the key growing areas, the war in Ukraine and increased labour costs has resulted in limited availability of fruits such as raspberries, and, as a result, costs for raspberry puree, among others, has skyrocketed, it explained.

As well as baked goods, the vegan-friendly flavours can be used in the likes of ice cream and yoghurt, and fruit beers.