Bertinet White loaf

Source: Bertinet Bakery

Bertinet Bakery has rolled out its sliced sourdough loaves with a new recipe using a range of flours.

The revamped loaves feature new-look packaging and, in what is claimed to be a first for a major bread brand, carry the Real Bread Campaign sourdough mark.

The business said the new recipe retains the artisan craft of genuine sourdough while offering softer ‘sandwich and toaster-friendly’ slices. The bakery has used flours such as barley, emmer and spelt alongside wheat to boost nutrients, fibre and depth of flavour.

The packaging was designed by creative agency Ourselves to call the range out as a better-quality everyday option.

White, malted wheat and seeded sliced loaves featuring the new look and recipe are available now in Waitrose and Ocado.

Bertinet Bakery, which produces the loaves using a traditional fermentation process and no artificial additives, said it was using the Real Bread Campaign mark to reassure consumers they are buying a ’real sourdough’.

The relaunch is being backed by marketing activity that will use ‘provocative’ headlines to prompt consumers to consider the difference between quality bread and the options they currently buy.

“Bread is a huge part of our diets and we believe the good stuff shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions,” said Bertinet Bakery managing director Dan Barrett.

“We are championing bread that is not only better tasting, but better for us, due to our baking craft and the integrity of the ingredients we use”. 

The Real Bread Campaign said more than 100 bakeries are signed up to its Loaf Mark scheme, but Bertinet Bakery was the only one using The Sourdough Loaf Mark on loaves sold in supermarkets. 

“Sourdough isn’t a look, taste, shape or style, it’s a process,” explained Real Bread Campaign co-ordinator Chris Young.

“We continue to lobby for a legal definition of sourdough so that the word can only be used to market additive-free products made by that process. In the meantime, shoppers should always read the label and keep an eye out for The Sourdough Loaf Mark because there’s a lot of sourfaux out there.”

In February, Bertinet partnered with the Real Bread Campaign to raise awareness of additive-free sourdough loaves.

Bertinet new look sourdough range

Source: Bertinet Bakery

White, malted wheat and seeded sliced loaves have launched in Waitrose and Ocado