Brioche Pasquier has rolled out a new addition to its entremets range, inspired by the salted caramel dessert trend.

Available now, the 855g Crunchy Coulant Caramel consists of chocolate biscuit, topped with layers of chocolate, hazelnuts, salted caramel and caramel mousse, produced by the company’s pâtissiers.

The Crunchy Coulant Caramel, which has a shelf life of 18 months and is suitable for vegetarians, will be delivered frozen and needs to be defrosted five hours before service.

Brioche Pasquier said the product made a “perfect restaurant dessert”, but could also be offered at parties and special occasions.

“A slice of entremets offers the diner just the right amount of rich indulgence in an elegant, precise slice of intense flavour that showcases the best of French pâtisserie,” said Jon Turonnet, foodservice sales manager at Brioche Pasquier.

Brioche Pasquier recently introduced afternoon tea mini-cakes, featuring six sweet and savoury options.