The nation’s biggest coffee shop chains have unveiled their Christmas menus for 2022.

There are sweet treats galore with traditional and on-trend flavours on display, plus a host of Christmas sandwiches for consumers to enjoy in the run-up to the big day.

Here’s what is on offer in Caffè Nero, Costa, Starbucks and Pret this festive season:


A rosemary focaccia with turkey, bacon and cranberry sauce inside

Source: Caffè Nero

Caffè Nero’s Turkey Feast Focaccia

Caffè Nero

Caffè Nero has unveiled eight new sweet and savoury additions to its menu for the festive season.

Kicking things off is the Turkey Feast Focaccia consisting of soft rosemary and rock salt focaccia packed with turkey, smoked bacon, and cranberry sauce. There’s also the ‘new and improved’ Vegan Festive Feast sandwich featuring a fennel and sage stuffing and finished with a vegan gravy mayo. The Pigs Under Blanket Tostati and comforting Brie, Bacon & Cranberry Panini are also returning.

Black Forest Cake with cherries on top on a black cake stand

Source: Caffè Nero

Caffè Nero Black Forest Cake

On the sweet side, Caffè Nero is embracing the continuing trend of hybrid bakery items with the Chocolate Hazelnut Chouxnut – a choux pastry and doughnut mash-up. Keeping things considerably more classic, it has also unveiled a Luxury Black Forest Cake, consisting of multiple layers of moist chocolate sponge, morello cherry compote and Belgian white chocolate frosting.

Caffè Nero Chocolate and Hazelnut Chouxnut

Source: Caffè Nero

Caffè Nero Chocolate and Hazelnut Chouxnut

It will be bringing back its Classic Mince Pie alongside a Luxury Amaretto Mince Pie which has an amaretto-soaked filling and caramelised almond Florentine topping.

Bakery is influencing Caffè Nero’s festive hot drinks line-up with Luxury Black Forest Mocha, Salted Caramel Brownie Hot Chocolate and Cinnamon Swirl Latte added in time for Christmas.


Costa Toblerone muffin with a mini Toblerone on top

Source: Costa

Costa’s Toblerone Muffin


Costa customers clearly have a sweet tooth as the coffee shop has gone big on indulgent treats for the festive season.

Building on the success of the Terry’s Chocolate Orange Muffin (which is back for 2022), it has added a Chocolate Muffin Inspired by Toblerone to its festive line-up. The chocolate muffin is packed with milk chocolate chunks and chopped almonds, filled with a chocolate sauce, topped with chocolate icing, and finished with a tiny Toblerone bar. It’s designed to complement the range of hot drinks inspired by the chocolate bar which are also being added to the menu.

Other new sweet additions include a Loaded Chocolate & Hazelnut Cake, White Chocolate Trillionaire’s Slice, and Crispy Festive Wreath.

Costa's Crispy Wreath, White Chocolate Trillionaire's Slice and Trifle Loaf Cake

Source: Costa

Costa’s Crispy Wreath, White Chocolate Trillionaire’s Slice and Trifle Loaf Cake

There’s also a Raspberry Trifle Loaf Cake which has a sherry-flavoured sponge with raspberries, topped with custard-flavoured frosting, white chocolate and freeze-dried raspberries. For the young and young at heart, it is serving up a Reindeer Muffin – a vanilla muffin filled with raspberry sauce, topped with icing, and decorated with milk chocolate antlers and a red-coloured chocolate nose.

On the savoury side, Costa has unveiled a new vegetarian Brie & Cranberry Toastie and a Vegan Pigs & Blankets Panini which features plant-based sausages and bacon, sage & onion stuffing, cranberry sauce, vegan mayonnaise and vegan cheese, in a stone-baked sourdough panini.

A panini with vegan sausage and bacon inside

Source: Costa

Vegan Pigs & Blankets Panini

And, back by popular demand, is the Turkey & The Trimmings Toastie, Pigs & Blankets Panini, Brie, Bacon & Cranberry Panini, and the Turkey Feast Sandwich. Costa will also be serving up the M&S Turkey Feast Sandwich as part of its collaboration with the retailer.


Pret's Christmas sandwiches and mac & cheese on a pink, white and red background

Source: Pret

Pret A Manger

Pret has dubbed its festive menu as “more generous and more festive than ever” with a host of new sweet treats, sandwiches and vegan options alongside the return of festive favourites.

Kicking things off are two new vegan sandwiches – the Festive Falafel & Squash and Beet Wellington Baguette. The falafel offering sees herby butternut squash topped with Pret’s sweet potato falafel, Christmas pesto, pickled cabbage & carrot, cranberry sauce and vegan sage mayo, rocket and crispy onions. The Beet Wellington Baguette – a vegan twist on a festive classic – is stuffed with maple & mustard roasted beetroot on a bed of truffle-flavoured mushroom pâté, Christmas pesto and vegan sage mayo, alongside rocket and crispy onions.

Meat eaters, meanwhile, can tuck into the Boxing Day Toastie made with mature Cheddar cheese, British turkey, pulled British ham, and herby pork stuffing, finished with a dollop of caramelised onion chutney and sage mayonnaise.

Pret has also introduced a Chocolate Orange Mini Loaf for those preferring to indulge with a festive sweet treat. It comprises a chocolate orange sponge with milk chocolate chunks and finished with a chocolate orange buttercream, milk chocolate curls and pieces of candied orange peel.

The Christmas Lunch Sandwich is returning for 2022 with 50p from the sale of each (as well as the Festive Falafel & Squash and Hog Roast Macaroni Cheese) donated to The Pret Foundation.


A focaccia with brie and cranberry sauce in

Source: Starbucks

Brie & Cran-merry Foccaccia


Toffee nut is Starbucks’ flavour of choice for its holiday sweet treats. The new Toffee Nut Muffin– injected with caramel, topped with toffee frosting, drizzled with milk chocolate and sprinkled with hazelnuts – will be available alongside a Toffee Nut Mini Loaf Cake or Ginger Mini Loaf Cake.

Starbucks Toffee Nut Muffin

Source: Starbucks

Toffee Nut Muffin

The Red Velvet Loaf Cake with frosting and sprinkles, Christmas Tree Brownie and Chocolate Caramel Muffin are also returning to Starbucks stores.

And, like Caffè Nero, Starbucks is taking inspiration from the bakery world for its festive hot drinks with a Praline Cookie Hot Chocolate and Caramel Waffle Latte added to its menu.

The coffee shop has also added a new Pigs Under Blanket Roll made with a Vienna roll, layered with sausages, maple-cured bacon, sage & onion mayonnaise stuffing, mature cheddar and cranberry chutney. For more traditional festive flavours there’s the ‘new and improved’ Brie & Cran-merry Focaccia or the ‘Tis the Season Turkey Sandwich and the Festive Feast Panini which are described as roast dinner in a sandwich.