Crown-shaped puddings, icicle doughnuts and cinnamon knot biscuits are just some of the festive fare being served up by Co-op as part of its Christmas range this year.

The convenience retailer has embraced on-trend flavours such as blonde chocolate and sticky toffee, as well as smaller formats to help consumers embrace the festive spirit in the run up to the big day.

Here’s what Co-op has planned for Christmas 2022:

Chocolate and hazelnut tartlets on a purple background

Source: Co-op

Golden Chocolate & Hazelnut Tartlets

These indulgent tarts, part of the Irresistible range, offer an alternative for those consumers who aren’t too keen on mince pies. They comprise chocolate pastry with a smooth chocolate & hazelnut filling, Belgian chocolate sauce and crunchy hazelnut nibs with a touch of gold lustre.

Rsp: £2.50 for four-pack


Festive sausage rolls on a sled with fake snow

Source: Co-op

Festive Feast Sausage Rolls

The humble sausage roll has been given a festive makeover. This iteration features crisp puff pastry with pork, sage & onion, sprouts, carrots, and cranberry sauce inside.

Rsp: £1.50 for four


Golden Chocolate sponge crown with caramel sauce dripping down the sides

Source: Co-op

Golden Blonde Sponge Crown

Blonde chocolate is gathering pace so it’s no surprise Co-op included the flavour in its festive dessert line-up. The all butter and blonde chocolate sponge is served with a melting caramel sauce.

Rsp: £6


Churros with a cheesy dipping sauce on a pink background

Source: Co-op

Cheesy Churros

Churros continue to win over consumers and Co-op is placing its bets on a savoury version for Christmas parties. The churros come with a creamy cheese dip for dunking.

Rsp: £3


Cinnamon Knots Biscuits on a plate and purple napkin

Source: Co-op

Cinnamon Sugar Knots

Move over gingerbread, there’s a new biscuit in town and it’s vying for attention with a cuppa in the run up to Christmas. The all-butter Cinnamon Sugar Knots are covered in crunchy caramelised cinnamon sugar and are made by third generation bakers in Moerkapelle, Holland.

Rsp: £1.50


Spiced Star Biscuits in a bowl

Source: Co-op

Spiced Star Biscuits

Another wintery treat for the run-up to the big day, these star-shaped biscuits feature a blend of festive spices for a warming hit.

Rsp: £1


Millionaire's Roulade on a gold plate with baubles

Source: Co-op

Millionaire’s Roulade

Co-op is taking millionaire’s shortbread into a new format. Made with Fairtrade cocoa, this slow-baked meringue is filled with toffee sauce, caramel cream and a crunchy biscuit crumb all finished with a Belgian milk chocolate drizzle.

Rsp: £6


Profiteroles with chocolate on top

Source: Co-op

Salted Caramel Chocolate Profiteroles

These gluten-free profiteroles come with a milk-free filling and salted caramel sauce core, complete with a sachet of chocolate sauce for drizzling on top.

Rsp: £2.25


Chocolate star shaped dessert with peanut filling

Source: Co-op

Nuts About Chocolate Star

Add some star power to the Christmas table with this gold lustred chocolate star. It’s filled with a chocolate & peanut mousse, crunchy peanuts, and caramel sauce. It’s sold with a dark chocolate sauce for pouring over at the table for a touch of theatre.

Rsp: £6


Mushroom Wellington on a platter with vegan pigs in blankets

Source: Co-op

Mushroom Wellington

Part of the Irresistible range, the vegan-friendly mushroom wellingtons don’t skimp on the titular ingredient. The puff pastry parcels are filled with portobello mushroom, spinach and a mushroom duxelles with a hint of truffle.

Rsp: £4 for a two-pack


Sticky toffee muffins

Source: Co-op

Sticky Toffee Mini Muffins

Sticky toffee is a flavour that refuses to fall out of fashion, particularly as the colder months draw in. These toffee flavour mini muffins have caramel fudge pieces inside.

Rsp: £1.50 for 12-pack


Ring doughnuts with blue and white sprinkles on

Source: Co-op

Icicle Doughnuts

These ring doughnuts are covered with white icing and topped with blue and white sugar strands.

Rsp: £1.25 for four-pack