Macphie of Glenbervie has launched a new gingerbread biscuit mix and doughnut concentrate.

The gingerbread biscuit mix from the Scottish ingredients producer requires the addition of oil, water, and a choice of golden syrup, treacle or honey, depending on desired colour and texture.

The mix is available through wholesalers in 4kg bags, has a nine-month shelf life and makes over 150 x 40g biscuits

Jane Stork, category marketing manager, said: “We have seen a large growth in interest in traditional bakery goods and the increasing trend for occasion-specific and bespoke bakery products inspired us to make this mix.

“It allows anybody to make traditional-style biscuits and put a bit of creativity back into their bakery offer - a world away from the generic pre-baked biscuits.”

The premium fermented doughnut concentrate is used in a ratio of 1:1 with flour, producing a traditional American-style fried doughnut.

The concentrate is available from wholesalers in 16kg bags and has a six-month shelf life.

Alan Leith, head of applications bakery, said: “The focus is right back on the doughnut at the minute with the success of Krispy Kreme and the huge buzz around the ‘Cronut’. 

“We identified that concentrates are more appealing to our customers than mixes and this concentrate is really easy to work with and reliably produces first-class, classic American-style doughnuts.”