MiMi Mei Fair mooncake giftbox

Source: MiMi Mei Fair

London restaurant MiMi Mei Fair has produced a limited-edition set of mooncakes to mark the Chinese mid-autumn festival.

Developed by the restaurant’s Chinese-Singaporean executive chef Peter Ho, the duo comprises the Gilded Grande Mooncake (rsp: £15) – a baked, rose-gold dusted creation made from black sesame and egg yolk and designed to be shared – and Kumquat-flavoured Gilded Mini Mooncakes, also available in a ribbon-wrapped gift box of six (rsp: £30).

Both products will be on sale from 22 August to 10 September and are available for dining in at the restaurant, takeaway and gifting as well as advanced orders, the business said.

The sweet treats are eaten in east Asian countries including China, Vietnam, the Philippines and Taiwan and given to friends, family and business people as a goodwill gesture to celebrate the mid-autumn festival, which this year takes place on Saturday 10 September.

Traditionally, the mooncakes are circular and made in the form of a round thick pastry filled with lotus seed or red bean paste, imprinted with an intricate design and often accompanied by tea.

“There is nothing more magical than sitting beneath the full and glowing moon, watching the paper lanterns, and enjoying a delicious mooncake,” Samyukta Nair, founder of restaurant collection LSL Capital, said.

“This year the festival, being our first at MiMi Mei Fair, is extra special, and we want to toast it in the best way we know how – with good cheer, thanks and Empress MiMi’s favourite gold-tinged shade of pink.”

The three-storey restaurant located in London’s Mayfair also features Bittersweet Almond Tart & Asian Pear Sorbet on the dessert menu.

Mooncakes are among a number of classic cakes from across the globe that are becoming increasingly popular on the UK market. For more examples, read our finished goods report here.