Sainsbury’s summer bakery range isn’t short on flavour or colour as it looks to embrace all the fun of the summer with new sweet and savoury products.

Ice cream and fruit are big inspirations when it comes to desserts with the likes of a Tropical Tart and Neapolitan Cheesecake being rolled out. On the savoury side, Sainsbury’s has sought to keep it traditional with a twist adding a cheesy share ‘n’ tear bread to its line-up alongside a Ploughman’s Quiche and spiced flatbreads.

Here are some of the highlights from the retailer’s range:


Tropical tart on a yellow cake stand

Source: Sainsbury’s

Tropical Tart – £4.10

Feeling fruity? This Tropical Tart, part of Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference range, combines all-butter pastry with a layer of mango & passionfruit compote. On top is a coconut sponge stuffed with pineapple and hand-finished with grated coconut.


Flower shaped bread topped with seeds

Source: Sainsbury’s

Seeded Cheese and Herb Share & Tear – £2

Described as a ‘great showstopper to share with friends for an alfresco feast’, this tear ‘n’ share bread comprises a batch of six white crusty rolls flavoured with cheddar cheese and seasoned with a blend of herbs. The rolls are topped with golden and brown linseeds as well as pumpkin seeds.


A scone with jam and cream on

Source: Sainsbury’s

Orange, Sultana & Blossom Honey Scones – £1.60

These scones are enriched with buttermilk and Cornish clotted cream, Sainsbury’s said. They’re then packed with Turkish sultanas, blossom honey and candied orange peel for a fruity and floral flavour. For a further twist, Sainsbury’s suggests serving them with Greek yoghurt instead of clotted cream.


Profiteroles with pink fondant and white chocolate on a blue cake stand

Source: Sainsbury’s

Eton Mess Profiterole Stack – £4

Eton mess just got messier as Sainsbury’s mashes the classic flavours in a profiterole format. The profiterole stack sees choux pastries covered with strawberry fondant, finished with Belgian white chocolate and meringue pieces.


Sainsbury's Coronation chicken pie

Source: Sainsbury’s

Coronation Chicken Pie – £3.35

To celebrate summer and the upcoming Platinum Jubilee, Sainsbury’s has created a Coronation Chicken Pie. The filling is flavoured with a warming curry powder, apricot & ginger chutney and sultanas all of which is encased in a butter enriched puff pastry and decorated with a sprinkle of black onion seed breadcrumbs.


A chocolate, strawberry and vanilla cheesecake

Source: Sainsbury’s

Neapolitan Cheesecake – £4

Inspired by the retro ice cream, this cheesecake sees a biscuit base topped with layers of strawberry & vanilla cheesecake finished with a chocolate ganache and chocolate curls.


Cupcakes on a cake stand with Neapolitan ice cream

Source: Sainsbury’s

Mini Ice Cream Inspired Cupcakes – £2

Ice cream continues to be an inspiration for Sainsbury’s featuring in its nine-pack of mini cupcakes. The cakes are topped with vanilla and strawberry frosting and finished with colourful sprinkles and a classic sundae sauce.


A burger with cheese on it

Source: Sainsbury’s

Soft Milk Rolls – £1

Move over brioche, Sainsbury’s is rolling out milk rolls for summer barbecues. The rolls, sold in packs of two, are made using British whole milk and enriched with butter for a ‘creamy flavour with just a hint of sweetness’.


Sainsbury's lemon meringues

Source: Sainsbury’s

Lemon & White Chocolate Flavour Meringues – £2

Sainsbury’s has elevated its meringues by flavouring them with lemon and glazing them in a white chocolate flavour coating for a zesty addition to Eton mess and other desserts.


Flatbreads on a colourful blanket

Source: Sainsbury’s

Oregano & Sumac Flatbreads – £1.50

This year Sainsbury’s has added some Middle Eastern seasoning to its flatbreads in the form of citrussy sumac and oregano. They’re best served with dips, chicken or halloumi, according to the retailer.


Ploughman's quiche on a blue board

Source: Sainsbury’s

Ploughman’s Quiche – £3.35

Sainsbury’s has combined two British picnic classics to create what it describes as a ‘savoury showstopper’. The quiche, part of the Taste the Difference range, is made with a butter enriched shortcrust pastry and filled with pickle, Taw Valley cheddar, shredded British ham hock and hand finished with crunchy breadcrumbs for a crispy topping.


A tortilla wrap with spinach, chicken, pineapple and kidney beans in

Source: Sainsbury’s

Jerk Style Chicken Wrap – £2.80

Inspired by the Caribbean, this wrap is filled with chicken marinated in allspice seasoning and Scotch bonnet chillies for a fiery kick. Pineapple chunks, rice and kidney beans round things off.