An indulgent sweet treat, baking mix aimed at kids and a lower-carb loaf have been selected as finalists for New Bakery Product of the Year 2021 at the Baking Industry Awards.

Sponsored by Mono, the revamped category celebrates innovative and marketable bakery products released during the last year.

Here’s the products, and the companies behind them, that made it to the final for New Bakery Product of the Year 2021:


Carrs Kids Mixes

Carr’s Kids Mixes (biscuit variant), Carr’s Flour Mills

The Kids Mixes are designed to introduce children to the wonderful world of baking by getting their hands dirty in the mixing bowl and producing something delicious and tasty to eat at the end of the process. The challenge of keeping kids occupied during lockdown sparked the concept which the judges really liked. They said it was well branded and targeted, and the biscuits, produced with the addition of a few store cupboard essentials, had a great appearance, aroma, and taste with a lovely biscuit structure. There’s also bread mix in the new range.


Freedough classic loaf

FreeDough Classic Loaf, FreeDough

The judges said the FreeDough Classic Loaf was a great looking and tasty loaf. It boasts a lower carbohydrate content than the average loaf as well as being higher in protein and fibre. The mix is achieved using flaxseed and butter in its production. The company, which retails online and is based in Watford, advises that the loaf is packed with Omega-3 and ideal for anyone who is diabetic or looking for a lower carb alternative to regular bread. “Great toasted,” added the judges.


Seasons Bakery white chocolate wagon wheel

White Chocolate & Raspberry Wagon Wheel, Seasons Bakery

Seasons Bakery has added an indulgent twist to a known format with its new White Chocolate & Raspberry Wagon Wheel. The supersized product is sold individually wrapped and comprises an indulgent ganache centre surrounded by marshmallow. These two flavours are then balanced by the sharpness of the raspberry jam filling. The chocolate cookie dough used for the base adds another twist while the white chocolate coating, mixed with double cream, completes the overall indulgent creamy taste. “It ate well and had great balance of flavour,” said the judges.

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