Innovative flavours and lovingly crafted sourdough have triumphed in the Speciality Bread Product of the Year category at the Baking Industry Awards 2021.

The category, which is sponsored by Bakels, seeks to champion breads that are original, look and taste great and have been a hit with consumers.

Here are the top three contenders for prize:


Chocolate sourdough from Buzzing Bee Baked Things

Chocolate Sourdough, Buzzing Bee Baked Things

The judges were very impressed by the precision of the folding and moulding that went into creating the outstanding marble effect in this innovative chocolate sourdough loaf made by the London-based bakery. The loaf is a pure sourdough mix which is bulk proofed for four to five hours before the chocolate chips are added to create the swirl. Then it’s back into the fridge for cold proving overnight before being baked the next morning. The bread, said the judges, boasted an attractive exterior appearance as well as great taste, texture and smell.


Handcrafted Sourdough M&S

Handcrafted Sourdough, Marks & Spencer

This loaf is made using stoneground wholemeal flour milled in the Cotswolds and known to deliver higher levels of acidity and an overall fruitier-flavoured loaf. The dough is fermented using a 30-year-old levain and at the end of the 30-hour process, is hand cut and shaped into batards before being baked with a generous amount of steam in a stone bake oven. The judges said it had good crumb, a strong and pleasant taste, and a very attractive appearance with great ears produced by consistent cutting and neat marking.


Beer & Plum Sourdough Seasons Bakery

Malted Beer & Plum Sourdough Tin Loaf, Seasons Bakery

The malty bitterness of the beer mixed with the sweetness of the plum and honey gave real depth to the taste of this loaf, according to the judges. On day one the sourdough ferment and sponge is made using the beer and then, on day two, the dough is mixed with the rest of the ingredients bar the plums, which are added at the last minute to avoid breakage. In total it has a 72-hour fermentation process which produces an even crumb and maximises the flavour.

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