Festive pastries, snowmen bao buns, and a unique mash-up called Trifle Caked Alaska are among the new products rolled out by Marks & Spencer for Christmas 2023.

The retailer has embraced comforting flavours with chocolate and caramel galore as well as putting a new, indulgent spin on classic party food items such as prawn toast and garlic bread. Even its café range has been spruced up for Christmas with new loaded turkey toasties and topped crumpets.

Dive into the M&S Christmas range here:

Cherry Stollen Croissants on a blue plate with baubles at the side

Source: M&S

Cherry Stollen Croissant

The festive croissant is made with pastry that is crafted over 24 hours. It is then filled with a lightly spiced frangipane, vine fruits, and rich morello cherry jam, all sprinkled with almonds.

Price: £2.50, available now

A word from the developer…

“For so many of our customers, Christmas Day breakfast has become an important tradition; for some it’s an even bigger deal than the main event! This year, we’ve made it even easier to lay on a festive spread. If you like to start the day with something sweet, our cherry & almond croissants are just the ticket. Or for savoury lovers, we’ve transformed our gorgeous Christmas sourdough loaf from last year into a beautiful baguette – perfect for leftovers sandwiches.”

Harry Peak, M&S product developer – in-store bakery

Apricot & Madagascan Vannila Croissant Raspberry & Madagascan Custard Tear drop Roasted Hazlenut Chocolatine Almond Croissant

Source: M&S

Roasted Hazelnut Chocolatine

All-butter pastry with a cocoa layer is filled with chocolate filling and crunchy hazelnuts. It’s joined in the M&S pastry range by an Apricot & Madagascan Vanilla Croissant, Almond Croissant, and Raspberry & Madagascan Vanilla Teardrop. The latter is filled with a Madagascan vanilla bean custard and finished in store with raspberries.

Price: £2.50 (each), available now


Bao buns made to look like snowmen faces with green and red hats on

Source: M&S

Snowmen Steamed Bao Buns

These happy snowmen won’t melt in the warm weather. The decorated bao buns are packed full of vegetables in a hoisin sauce.

Price: £7.50, available 15 November


A Garlic Bread Twist with a melting camembert nestled inside

Source: M&S

Garlic Bread Twist with Camembert

M&S is taking camembert and garlic bread to a whole new level. This indulgent mash-up sees a whole French camembert cheese wrapped in a garlic butter-enriched bread twist.

Price: £9, available 18 December


A Brie, Butternut and Mushroom Wellington with stalks of rosemary around the side

Source: M&S

Brie, Butternut & Mushroom Wellington

A decadent filling of brie, butternut squash, carrots and pearl barley with a rich mushroom duxelles, encased in all-butter puff pastry and hand-finished with a decorative lattice pastry topping.

Price: £12, available 22 November


Chocolate & Hazelnut Mince Pies with a dollop of cream on top

Source: M&S

Chocolate & Hazelnut Mince Pies

M&S’ twist on the classic mince pie for 2023 sees all-butter pastry filled with its Collection mincemeat, topped with a chocolate and hazelnut truffle layer and finished with caramelised hazelnuts.

Price: £4, available now


Passionfruit & White Chocolate Yule Log with slices of passionfruit next to it

Source: M&S

Passion fruit & White Chocolate Yule Log

Passion fruit and white chocolate are on-trend flavours, so it’s only right that M&S has looked to combine them in its alternative take on the classic yule log. This iteration has sponge coated in a white chocolate ganache with a passion fruit sauce and white chocolate mousse filling. It’s hand-decorated with white chocolate shavings, white chocolate leaves and gold-dusted biscuit balls, with a sugar dusting to finish.

Price: £15, available 18 December

A word from the developer…

“No matter how many roasties or pigs in blankets you devour, there’s always room for desserts when they come to the table looking this amazing. Dreaming of a white Christmas? This year, we’ve given the traditional yule log a snowy twist: our stunning, hand-decorated passion fruit & white chocolate yule log is the centrepiece of dreams, or look out for our incredible, must-try pudding hybrid in the frozen aisle – the Trifle Caked Alaska.”

Lydia Noakes, M&S product developer – desserts

Frozen Trifle Caked Alaska

Source: M&S

Trifle Caked Alaska

Tradition with a twist is the trend that keeps on giving. M&S has embraced this in the form of a frozen Trifle Caked Alaska – layers of sugar-soaked sponge, creamy custard semifreddo, raspberry sauce and whole raspberries, topped with soft peaky mallow and toasted almonds.

Price: £12, available now


A slice of Salted Caramel Yule Log with an edible holly leaf on top

Source: M&S

Festive Salted Caramel Yule Log

Also available in the M&S café is another take on the yule log. This version, served in slices, has a light chocolate sponge filled with salted caramel and dark chocolate ganache, covered with more ganache and hand-finished with a sugar dusting, lustred biscuit balls and a holly leaf decoration.

Price: £3.50, available now

A word from the developer…

“Whether you’re feeling hungry, thirsty, sweet-toothed or in need of something warm and hearty, we’ve got you covered! Our gingerbread frappe and festive salted caramel yule log may be Instagram-ready, but there’s something utterly special and comforting about our slightly less than picture-perfect giant crumpet, smothered in cheese and topped with our fabulously festive chutney.”

Claire Hodgson, M&S lead product developer – hospitality

A giant crumpet smothered in melted cheese and festive chutney

Source: M&S

Giant Cheesy Rarebit Crumpet with Festive Chutney

Can cheese on toast be bested by cheese on crumpets? M&S is going to find out as it tops a giant crumpet with Welsh rarebit cheese, mustard, and Worcester Sauce, served with the retailer’s Collection Festive Chutney.

Price: £4.50, available now


A stacked turkey toastie with layers of stuffing, cranberry sauce and melted cheese

Source: M&S

Turkey & Ham Hock Toastie

M&S says its much-loved turkey toastie gets better every year. The 2023 version is packed full of shredded British turkey breast, smoked British ham hock, stuffing, cranberry ketchup, and nutty Emmental cheese, all finished with an indulgent layer of gravy.

Price: £6.50, available now


Bite sized Middle Eastern Chicken topped Flatbreads

Source: M&S

Middle Eastern Style Chicken Flatbreads

M&S has expanded its party range with these Middle Eastern-inspired flatbreads. The bite-sized breads are topped with Middle Eastern-style spiced pulled British chicken, chilli sauce and a garlic drizzle.

Price: £7.50 (for 10), available now


Christmas Jumper Colin the Caterpillar

Source: M&S

Christmas Jumper Colin the Caterpillar

Colin is ready and raring for Christmas thanks to the addition of a festive hat and jumper. The latest edition of the famous caterpillar cake has the classic chocolate sponge roll filled with chocolate buttercream and smothered with chocolate, complete with a patterned sugar paste decoration.

Price: £12, available 13 December


Sesame seed topped prawn toasties on a black plate with a dipping sauce

Source: M&S

Prawn Toast

Part of M&S’ Best Ever range, these party food bites see black tiger prawns with spring onions and ginger sandwiched between mini toasts. A ponzu dip is also provided.

Price: £7.50, available now


A light up biscuit tin projected reindeer lights onto a dark wall

Source: M&S

Snowy Christmas Biscuit Tin

Described by the retailer as an ‘absolute showstopper’, this rotating light projector tin is filled with all-butter chocolate chunk shortbread rounds and gingerbread biscuits.

Price: £10, available now