High-end supermarket chain Booths has kept things traditional for Christmas 2023 with mince pies, quiches, and a yule log among the new products unveiled.

There are also savoury pies galore plus plenty of pastry-clad treats destined for the party food table. The retailer has also rolled out a host of new desserts for the festive season, embracing classic flavours such as sticky toffee and chocolate but often with a twist.

Here we take a closer look at what Booths has to offer this yuletide season:

A Broccoli and Stilton Quiche

Source: Booths

Beckleberry’s Broccoli & Stilton Quiche

Booths has partnered with Blaydon-based bakery Beckleberry’s on a duo of quiches for the festive season. The broccoli & stilton variant features what Booths describes as ‘sharp, salty, sweet, and pungent’ stilton paired with broccoli and extra mature Cheddar in a free-range egg-based filling, all set in handcrafted shortcrust pastry. A Cheddar & onion quiche is also available.

£19, serves 10


A Sticky Toffee Pudding with sauce dripping and fudge pieces on top

Source: Booths

Sticky Toffee Cascade Pudding

This rich buttery sponge is packed with juicy dates, served with sticky toffee sauce, fudge pieces and a dusting of glitter for at-home decoration. When poured on, the sauce will cascade down the sponge ridges.

£12, serves five


A black plate with Salmon Cocktail Tartlets on top

Source: Booths

Salmon Cocktail Tartlets

Crisp pastry cases are filled with Scottish smoked salmon in a creamy cocktail sauce. Half of the tartlets feature carrot-flavoured pastry, while the other half are in onion-based pastry.

£6.50 for a 12-pack, also part of the ‘four for the price of three’ party food deal


Chocolate & Orange vegan cheesecakes on a white plate

Source: Booths

Gorgeous Cheesecakes Vegan Chocolate & Orange Cheesecakes

Booths has teamed up with independent, family-run firm Gorgeous Cheesecakes to expand its dessert range. The Blackpool-based business has contributed three cheesecake variations for the Booths Christmas range including vegan chocolate & orange, orange & cranberry , and raspberry & white chocolate. The chocolate & orange ones are set on a crumbly biscuit base – dark chocolate and orange oil is folded through vegan cheesecake mix on top, before the whole thing is finished with vegan orange chocolate segments.

£7.50 for a two-pack


Vegan rolls on a baking tray

Source: Booths

The Parsnipship Vegan Party Rolls

These handcrafted vegan puff pastry rolls from Bridgend brand The Parsnipship come in three varieties. They are Thai spiced chickpea & lentil, tandoori spiced chickpea & lentil, and mushroom.

£8 for a 12-pack


Gin infused mince pies on a green tablecloth

Source: Booths

Gin Infused Mince Pies

Booths has swapped out brandy for gin in its mince pies this year. All-butter shortcrust pastry is filled with fruity mincemeat studded with Herdwick Christmas Yan gin-soaked cranberries, finished with a light sugar dusting.

£3.50 for a four-pack, or two for £6 


Booths Sausage Roll Plait

Source: Booths

Cinderhill Sausage Roll Plait

This sharing-sized sausage roll is filled with Cinderhill Farm’s choice cuts of English free-range pork with a pastry plait on top for some decorative flair.

£9, serves four


A Salted Caramel & Choc Millionaire Choux Wreath

Source: Booths

Millionaire Choux Wreath

This choux pastry wreath is filled with chocolate mousse, British whipped cream, and salted caramel sauce, topped with chocolate fudge icing, and dark and white chocolate shards.

£15, serves eight


A large pork pie with a slice taken out to reveal a layer of chicken, stuffing and pork

Source: Booths

Toppings Huntsman Pork Pie

Made by family-run Toppings Pies from South Yorkshire, the Huntsman Pork Pie features succulent chicken breast and sage & onion stuffing on top of British Farm Assured Pork. Booths describes it as a ‘fantastic alternative for even the purist pork pie connoisseur’.

£25, serves eight to 10 people


A chocolate cake with a smashed chocolate dome on top, revealing Christmas themed sweets

Source: Booths

Chocolate Dome Smash Cake

Serving up some fun at the Christmas table, this cake has layers of chocolate fudge sponge filled with milk chocolate ganache frosting, topped with a chocolate dome. Smash the dome to reveal edible Santa faces, candy canes, and other sweets.

£16.50, serves eight


Dinky Pork Pie Selection on a plate

Source: Booths

Dinky Pork Pie Collection

These dinky pork pies are made with British pork and hot water pastry. There are four different varieties in each pack – two topped with pickle & Wensleydale, two topped with cranberry, two with stilton, and two plain.

£20 for an eight-pack


A chocolate yule log with sugar dusting on top

Source: Booths

Yule Log

Booths is keeping things traditional with this chocolatey yule log. The chocolate genoise sponge roll is filled with chocolate frosting, finished with a chocolate ganache buttercream and a sugar dusting.

£16.50, serves eight