Empanadas, The Deli Society  2100x1400

Source: The Deli Society

Bakery suppliers have ushered in the new year with a raft of savoury NPD including wraps, rolls, pies, slices, and pasties.

These feature some classic British recipes along with twists on traditional combinations, while the nation’s love of international flavours looks set to keep trending into 2024.

Check out our six-pack round-up of savoury products launched by bakers this winter:

Classic English Breakfast Wrap, Gold Standard Nutrition  1284x1400

Source: Gold Standard Nutrition

Filled Tortilla Wraps, Gold Standard Nutrition

The healthy frozen food brand, which supplies protein-rich meals and snack pots to retail and foodservice channels, spotted a low carb opportunity in its on-the-go offerings.

Hence the launch of its range of filled wraps, with flavours including Korean Sweet Chilli Chicken, Tender Chicken Tikka, Sticky BBQ Chicken, and Classic English Breakfast. Each 175g wrap is priced at £2.99 and offers between 314 and 363kcals plus 20 to 21g of protein.

Gold Standard Nutrition said its new range has already been adopted by college campuses, independent gyms, leisure centres, and the emergency services, and aims to extend distribution in the coming weeks to airlines, foodservice and forecourt operators, indie food stores and retail chains, where healthier living alternatives are said to be in high demand.


Higgidy's Mature Cheddar & Sweet Chilli Dinky Rolls  2100x1131

Source: Higgidy

Mature Cheddar & Sweet Chilli Dinky Rolls, Higgidy

The savoury pastry specialist has unveiled the latest expansion to its snacking and sharing portfolio, which it claims has grown by 26% year-on-year. The new bite-sized dinky rolls are filled with mature Cheddar and ricotta cheeses, sweet red peppers, butternut squash purée and sweet chilli chutney, wrapped in all-butter puff pastry, then hand topped with a mature Cheddar and chilli crumb.

Higgidy CEO Rachel Kelley described them as the perfect solution for people working from home and wanting something out of the fridge to nibble on or for folk to share with friends and family at social occasions. They join the likes of rolls, muffins and Little Lattices on Higgidy’s snacking line-up.

With an rsp of £3.65 for a pack of 10, the dinky rolls launch into Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Abel & Cole, Ocado, and Booths on 3 January.


Hog Roast and Apple Medium Pork Pie, Pork Farms  2100x1400

Source: Pork Farms

Hog Roast & Apple Medium Pork Pie, Pork Farms

The Nottingham-based pork pie specialist is expanding its range with the launch of a twist on a classic British combination, which is said to have been developed in response to a gap in the market for flavour innovation in medium-sized pork pies.

Encased in a traditional hot water crust pastry, the pie contains seasoned 100% British pork and dried apple. With an rsp of £2.50 each, the 295g pies are available until spring at Morrisons, Asda and Tesco stores, and across the convenience channel.

Pork Farms, part of the Compleat Food Group, said it has grown its brand by 50% over a 12-week period earlier this year, reaching total sales of £12.9m.


Pukka's All Day Breakfast Slice, Chicken Pasty and Vegan No Steak Slice  2100x980

Source: Pukka

Slices and pasty, Pukka

Pukka claims its batch of newly launched ’full-on flavour recipes’ is disrupting savoury pastry fixtures nationwide, and can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, hot or cold.

The All Day Breakfast Slice (170g) – comprising sausage, smoked bacon, baked beans, and mushrooms wrapped in puff pastry – joins Pukka’s line up of slices including its popular Steak and Pepperoni pizza varieties. With an rsp of £1.75, it has been rolled out at Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Asda and Tesco stores.

Offering an alternative to the classic Beef Pasty, the new Chicken Pasty (170g, rsp: £1.75) is made with roast chicken, potato, swede, onion, and gravy, has hit Asda shelves. Products are also available for convenience retailers and wholesale. Meanwhile, the Vegan No Steak Slice (rsp £1.95) has been developed from Pukka’s bestselling meat slice recipe, featuring plant-based ‘steak’, diced onions and gravy. It was recently introduced at Sainsbury’s and Asda along with the Vegan No Steak Pie (rsp £1.99).

IRI Total Market value sales data for the 52 weeks to 6 August 2023 has Pukka’s on-the-go pastry portfolio of slices, sausage rolls and pasties worth a total of £15m, despite being launched just two years ago.


Frozen Empanadas, The Deli Society

Handmade in Spain and inspired by authentic Argentinian recipes, this new range of frozen empanadas offers the choice of 10 different flavours – Traditional Beef, Traditional Spicy Beef, Chicken Curry, BBQ Pork Rib, Pork Pibil, Ham & Cheese, Chorizo & Cheese, Mushroom & Camembert, Spinach & Mozzarella, and Courgette & Garlic.

The launch marks a first foray into the foodservice sector by community-based food and drink platform The Deli Society, as it seeks to accommodate operators tapping into growing demand Latin American flavours (claimed to be up 7.8% in the last 12 months) and the rising interest in the UK savoury pastry market (now worth £1.65bn).

Empanadas can be enjoyed as a starter, as part of a tapas sharing platter, or as a street food option, and can be simply heated up from frozen in an oven in just two minutes. They are priced at £2.40 each and available in cases of 30, with larger orders affording a discount.


Chipotle Chicken Burrito, Urban Eat  1211x1400

Source: Urban Eat

Chipotle Chicken Burrito, Urban Eat

The food-to-go brand is inviting consumers to warm up their winter with its new smoky and spicy Chipotle Chicken Burrito, the latest addition to its heat-to-eat range of microwavable snacks.

Mexican cuisine is expected to maintain its popularity in 2024, with Bidfood’s ‘Flavours Less Travelled’ report finding 32% of consumers surveyed saying they would like to try it in out-of-home dining.

Furthermore, research by Urban Eat owner Samworth Brothers highlighted that food-to-go purchases are more than ever being driven by value and convenience, shaped by clear emotional and rational needs such as saving time, satisfying hunger, and indulging in a treat.