Co-op is going big on full-flavoured family favourites for its 2021 Christmas range, which features a host of new sweet and savoury bakery products.

When it comes to flavours, chocolate orange dominates the sweet offerings along with festive favourites such as toffee, gingerbread and caramel. For its savoury fare, Co-op has focused on the classics but in new formats, often for food-to-go, such as sausage rolls and pies.

Here’s a closer look at some of the bakery lines it is rolling out for Christmas 2021:


Irresistible Ultimate Christmas Dinner Roll with pig in blanket on top

Source: Co-op

Ultimate Christmas Dinner Roll

Christmas sandwiches are big business. Co-op is looking to tap into consumer demand for turkey ahead of the big day with its latest addition to the Irresistible food-to-go range. The sandwich sees a glazed white roll stuffed with pulled turkey, gravy mayonnaise, pork, sage & onion stuffing, a winter spiced red cabbage & Brussels sprout slaw and cranberry chutney. For added festivity, the sandwich is topped with a pig in blanket. Rsp: £4.


Co-op Irresistible Sticky Toffee Pudding Bites

Source: Co-op

Sticky Toffee Pudding Bites

Sticky toffee pudding is a mainstay winter dessert that Co-op is hoping can make a splash on the party food scene. Part of the Irresistible range, the 12 bitesize all-butter date sponges are served with an indulgent sticky toffee sauce. Rsp: £4.


Co-op Chocolate Orange Bro'dough

Source: Co-op

Chocolate Orange Bro’dough

Looks can be deceiving as this Bro’dough demonstrates. This orange flavoured brownie, shaped like a doughnut, is covered with milk chocolate, and finished with edible gold decorations. Rsp: £1.25.


Co-op Irresistible Beef & Mustard Creme Fraiche Yorkshires

Source: Co-op

Beef & Mustard Crème Fraiche Yorkshires

Another British classic venturing onto the Co-op party food table is the Yorkshire pudding. This mini iteration sees the puddings filled with wholegrain mustard and crème fraiche, topped with shredded beef and a parsley crumb. Rsp: £5.


Co-op Irresistible Belgian Chocolate Orange Wreath Cake

Source: Co-op

Belgian Chocolate Orange Wreath Cake

This centrepiece, which is part of the Irresistible range, sees layers of chocolate sponge packed with clementine filling and smothered with orange flavoured milk chocolate ganache buttercream. Decoration comes in the form of lustred milk chocolate rice balls, lustred milk chocolate curls and lustred dark chocolate pine needles, all made with Fairtrade cocoa. Rsp: £8.


Co-op bourbon and bitter orange mince pies

Source: Co-op

Bourbon & Bitter Orange Mince Pies pictured with the Irresistible Luxury Mince Pies

Bourbon & Bitter Orange Mince Pies

Co-op has sought to make its mince pie range inclusive with gluten-free and vegan options available. It’s also upped the indulgence with the likes of the Irresistible Bourbon & Bitter Orange Mince Pies which include all-butter pastry filled with a rich bourbon and bitter orange mincemeat topped with a clementine flavour buttercream. Rsp: £2 per four-pack.


Co-op Gingerbread & Toffee Tarts

Source: Co-op

Co-op Gingerbread & Toffee Tarts pictured with the Free-From Mince Pies

Gingerbread & Toffee Tarts

For those not so keen on mince pies but still wanting a festive treat with their cuppa, Co-op is serving up Gingerbread & Toffee Tarts. The butter enriched pastry cases have a toffee filling, ginger sponge, and dusting of icing sugar on top. Rsp: £1.25 per four-pack.


Co-op Hog Roast Baguette

Source: Co-op

Heat at Home Hog Roast Christmas Market Baguette

Tapping into the nation’s love of Christmas markets and hog roast is this food-to-go offering, designed to be heated at home for a warming experience. It features hog roast pulled pork with Bramley apple sauce, pork, sage & onion stuffing, mozzarella, and mayonnaise on what Co-op describes as an artisan baguette. Rsp: £3.


Co-op Irresistible Salted Butterscotch Brownie Slices 4pk

Source: Co-op

Salted Butterscotch Brownie Slices

Move over salted caramel, there’s a new sweet and savoury combo in town. These treats feature a chocolate brownie base topped with creamy salted butterscotch caramel covered with Belgian milk chocolate and edible decorations. Rsp: £1.50 per four-pack.


Co-op Reindeer Fuel gingerbread Flapjack Bites

Source: Co-op

Gingerbread Flapjack Bites pictured with the Santa’s Cookies and Milk Cookies

Reindeer Fuel Gingerbread Flapjack Bites

Co-op is extending gingerbread flavours beyond biscuits with these mini oat flapjack bites. They’re made with golden syrup, butter, and ginger fudge pieces. Rsp: £1 per eight-pack.


Co-op pork, cranberry and stuffing sausage roll

Source: Co-op

Pork, Cranberry & Stuffing Sausage Roll

For a festive grab and go lunch, Co-op is rolling out an upgraded sausage roll. This version has seasoned British pork with cranberries and sage wrapped in a flaky puff pastry and decorated with a pastry star. Rsp: £1.25.


Co-op Irresistible Millionaires Roulade

Source: Co-op

Millionaire’s Roulade

This slow-baked chocolate meringue is filled with a buttery toffee sauce, real dairy caramel cream and a hand sprinkled biscuit crumb. The hand-rolled dessert is finished with a Belgian milk chocolate drizzle and dusting of gold shimmer. Rsp: £4.50.